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drain root removal Root drain from a mature tree can cause extensive damage to sewer pipes. Roots grow into the pipes because the sewer pipes contain water, nutrients and oxygen-the essential elements for trees to grow. Aside from sewer blockages, tree roots growing inside drain pipes must be maintained each year to reduce the number of blockages. Roots from trees growing on private property are responsible for many of the sanitary sewer service backups and damaged sewer pipes experienced in Montreal and the surrounding areas.

Our drain experts will start by cleaning out the roots out of the drains with our metal drain rooter. The Drain rooter will cut out all the roots from your pipes allowing a clean flow in your drains. Most roots are located in the main drain from the city sewer to the entrance of your home. We have located roots in drains, sewer lines, storm drains and septic systems.

Effective Drain Root Removal Solutions

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Tree Roots Removal Drain Cleaning

Tree roots, starting as hair-thin, force their way into drains through the tiniest cracks. Once inside the drain, they feed on the wastewater and grow to the point where they completely block the drainpipe. If not removed properly, they can cause un-ending problems, simply by growing every time they are trimmed with the drain snake. 5 Star Drain, when dealing with tree roots, makes use of the right tools to ensure complete removal. After cleaning your drain, we conduct a camera inspection to verify that the roots have been completely removed.

The Problem with Tree Roots in a Drain

Tree roots removal Trees add beauty to your landscape, however, if they are planted close to a drain line, their roots can do extensive damage. Tree roots eventually find their way to the main drain, since tree roots are attracted to moisture.

The underground drainage system releases vapor, due to the flowing warm water inside the sewer pipes, towards the cooler soil around it. This vapor will attracts tree roots towards the drain. Often the source of the vapor could be a loose joint or a crack in the pipes. Once the tree root enter the drainpipe, it will grow through it to gain access to the water and nutrients inside the drain. If left undisturbed, the tree roots will fill the pipe with masses of root tendrils. In the end, they will be like a sieve, catching dirt, grease, tissue, oils, hair and other debris that are flushed down the sewer pipes.

How to Fix Tree Root Intrusion

Invasive tree roots send tiny spider web-like tendrils through joints in the sewer pipe, this is why you should inspect your drain. Then, over the coming weeks and months, the powerful roots open the gap wider and wider. Left to their own devices, the roots will eventually fill the entire circumference of the pipe. Before this happens, take measures to eliminate the invasive roots:


    A motorized sewer auger cuts through tree roots with rotating blades, sending the fragments down the sewer line so water can flow freely again.


    A powerful jet of water pumped into the drain breaks up tree roots and flushes them out of the system.


    In some cases, root intrusion is so severe that sewer repair isn’t possible. In this case, you may need to pursue a pipe replacement.

Don't take your drainage system for granted! Your drainage system can get old, just like anything else. A drain with tree roots or a collapsed pipe can really make a mess and may even go unnoticed until it's too late.

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