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If you are searching for a drain cleaning expert, or if you have a plumbing emergency in Beaconsfield, West Island, call 5 Star Drain at 514-316-1043. We are fast, efficient, and certified experts in the domain of drain cleaning.

When you have a problem with your plumbing, we make it our business to resolve the issue. As a locally owned and operated drain cleaning company, we are available, 24/7, to service our customers in the case of an emergency.

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We provide many drain cleaning services designed to cover every part of the drainage system in your home.

These include:

  • Main drain cleaning services – The main drain connects the pipes from the city sewer lines to your home or business. We offer main drain cleaning services which include tree roots removal, unclogging, and regular cleaning for maintenance services. It is always best to keep this drain clean. As the main carrier, a blockage in this drainpipe can cause a lot of disruption in your home.

  • Kitchen drains cleaning services – The kitchen drains carry water from the kitchen sinks and other utilities in the kitchen, such as a dishwasher. The most common causes of blockage come from food particles, grease, dirt, and debris. When the drain are restricted or running too slow, a clog is forming and should be located and cleaned before it causes more serious trouble.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning services – The bathroom drains carry water from the shower, bathtub, and sink. It is one of the most challenging drains to keep free of clogs. Hair, dental floss, and soap scum are the major contributors to this drain clogs. If the sink or bathtub is draining too slowly or you can hear gurgling noises coming from them, have the drainpipe checked for a clog.

  • Toilet drain cleaning services – The toilet drain clogs mostly from un-flushable materials like paper towels and baby wipes. A clear indication of a clog is water rising in the toilet bowl. When you notice this, call a drain cleaning expert before the situation gets more serious and you are faced with an overflown toilet.

  • Garage drain cleaning services – The garage drain is meant to keep water out of your garage. In most cases, the dirt which accumulates in the drain does so during the winter season when cars are parked indoors. When the snow melts, the dirt flows into the drain, increasing the chances of a blocked drain. When water pools around the drain opening, this means it is not draining, call a drain cleaning expert to have the drain unclogged.

  • Outdoor drain cleaning services – The outdoor drain is responsible for draining surface runoff and stormwater. As these water flows over the ground they collects dirt, and debris and dump them in the drainpipe. This is what will lead to blockages. Should you notice signs of a drain clog, do not hesitate to call us.

For these and any other drain cleaning needs for your residential or commercial property, contact us for professional, quality drain and sewer cleaning services.

If you are living in Beaconsfield, West Island, you can reach us at 514-316-1043. We are available, 24/7, and we are always ready to help.

High-pressure Drain Cleaning

To prevent disruptive and frequent drain clogs, we recommend that you clean your drains at least once a year. At 5 Star Drain, we use high-pressure cleaning when performing drain cleaning services for maintenance purposes. This is because, of all the drain cleaning methods, it is the less destructive one of the most effective cleaning services.

High pressure-cleaning uses pressurized water, jetted out of specially designed nozzles to dislodge any materials off of the inside surface of the drainpipes.

Drain camera inspections

Drain camera inspection

When you need to inspect the state of a drain, a drain video camera inspection is the way to go. A waterproof camera, attached to a push rod, is inserted into the drainpipe and, as it travels deeper into the pipe, it sends images to a video display unit on which the technician conducting the inspection can see what is inside the drain. Upon completion of the inspection, a digital file or DVD of the recording can be provided.

Camera inspections are performed to check the state of a drain either to locate the cause of a problem or verify the drain before making certain decisions like purchasing a house or insuring one.

Other than video camera inspections, we also produce:

  • Pre-Purchase inspection reports
  • Insurance inspection reports
  • Insured damage reports

If you ever need an accurate and reliable report on the state of your drainage system, call us.

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5 Star Drain has been solving drain and sewer problems in the Beaconsfield, West Island area for years. Our cleaning experts are knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. As a customer-focused service company, we make sure we solve your issues fast, without inconveniencing you further.

By helping residential and commercial property owners solve their drain problems, we have gained their loyalty and appreciation. So much so that they recommend us to their friends.

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If you are living in Beaconsfield, West Island, and you need drain cleaning services or are faced with a clogged drain emergency, call us at 514-316-1043. We are available 24/7 including holidays.