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To get all your drain problems solved, call 5 Star Drain at 514-316-1043. We are a drain and sewer cleaning company that operates in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Montreal, and provide knowledgeable and expert workmanship.

We have been in the drain cleaning business for years and utilize our experience to service homeowners and businesses owners in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Montreal.

At 5 Star Drain we provide same day service and lasting solutions to clogged drain problems. We deliver our service with professionalism and with the peace of mind provided by transparency in the work and absence of hidden fees. Our plumbers take the time to listen to our customers in order to determine the root cause of the blockage.

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Yearly maintenance of your drainage system is highly recommended to avoid emergencies from happening. Keeping a smooth flow of water in the drains make clogs a thing of the past. One way to go about this is to ask for a pressure cleaning. High-pressure cleaning is driven by water and has enough force to dislodged any blockage in a drain

However, it’s important to note that when you have an emergency, the drain cleaning expert on the ground may use a different method or tools to unclog the drain, depending on the nature of the problem.

If one of your drains are clogged, do not hesitate to call us. We are available, 24/7, and we are happy to help. You can reach us at 514-316-1043.

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Drains in a home or a business are designed to carry water out of the building efficiently and effortlessly. Bathrooms, kitchens, floors, garages, utility rooms, and even outdoor drains collect excess water and evacuate it to the city sewers. You should always keep your drainage system functioning well to maintain hygiene and prevent water damages.

Every drainage system, residential or commercial, has a main drain that connects to the city sewer line. The main drain is the main artery that collects wastewater from all the drains and evacuates it to the city sewers. This drain crosses the property grounds, about 6 feet underground, and due to this it is vulnerable to tree roots.

Tree roots will squeeze through the tiniest cracks in the drainpipe and find water, then they will continue to grow until they completely block the drain. If your drain keeps clogging and you start noticing wastewater backing up the basement bathroom facilities (example: shower or toilet drain) and floor drains, it’s time to have the main drain checked. This sometimes requires the use of video cameras in order to inspect the state of the drain.

Drain camera inspection

Drain camera inspection

When there is a need to see inside a drainpipe, the best solution is always a video camera inspection. One very good reason for this is because drain cameras come in small enough sizes and can fit into any drainpipe in your home or business. This eliminates the need to do any damage to any part of your drain and enables us to see inside the drain. We also can record and save the inspection in a digital format.

Because insurance companies ask for proof of the state of a drainage system before they underwrite your insurance, we can provide you with accurate and reliable inspection reports that include:

  • Pre-purchase insurance report
  • Inspection insurance report
  • Insured damage inspection report
  • Video camera inspection report

If you ever need an inspection done and a report produced, call us.

Our drain cleaning system is categorized into these parts:

  • Main drain cleaning services – Tree roots infestation is a major problem when it comes to the main drain, although other materials also clog it. Since a clog in this drainpipe affects multiple facilities in the house, you should ensure it stays clean. If you notice any signs of a clog, call a drain cleaning expert.

  • Outdoor drain cleaning services – Any excess water outside your house but on your property should be drained by the outdoor drainage system. Outdoor drains mostly clog from leaves, debris and dirt swept into it by surface runoff.

  • Garage drain cleaning services – The garage drain is meant to evacuate water and fluids spilled on the garage floor. During winter, it is vulnerable to clogging from dirt-filled snow brought in by the car. When it does clog, water will pool around the drain opening, having nowhere to go.

  • Kitchen drains cleaning services – Food remains, mineral deposits, soap scum and debris are the main causes of clogs in the kitchen drains. If the clog is not too serious, a plunger has enough suction to dislodge stuck materials, otherwise, call a drain cleaning expert.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning services – The shower, bathtub, and sink are all linked to the bathroom drains. They clogs mainly from hair, dental floss, and other stringy substances that go down these drains.

  • Toilet drain cleaning servicesToilets clogging from paper towels, cotton balls, and baby wipes are very common. Some clogs can be undone by using a plunger to nudge the clog and get everything moving again, but some situations tend to be more serious. These situations need the services of an expert drain cleaner and you should be alert to them.

If you ever need your drain cleaned preventively or when faced with a clogged drain, call us for reliable and professional cleaning solutions that last.

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5 Star Drain has been solving drain problems in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Montreal, for years, which has made our plumbers very familiar with the drainage system in the area.

Our experts are professionals and our services are excellent. This is why homeowners in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Montreal, rely on us to deal with their clogged drains.

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Our kitchen sink backed up and one of our sinks was leaking. 5 Star Drain was fantastic and very helpful at resolving the problem in the kitchen and set us up for success in the future with tips on how to maintain the pipes.


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