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If a drain is clogged and you need fast drain cleaning services, call 5 Star Drain at 514-316-1043. We operate in Lasalle and we provide convenient and quality drain cleaning services. If you need us, we are available 24/7, including holidays.

5 Star Drain is a licensed and insured drain and sewer cleaning company. We pride ourselves on providing professional, high-quality services. We have been cleaning drains in Lasalle for years, and have acquired the knowledge and experience that comes from understanding drain related problems common to the area.

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All our plumbers are certified and trained to use the right tools for every job. When called upon, they will examine your drains, discuss the solution, and continue to do their job professionally and without inconveniencing you any further. They follow the industry’s best practices to ensure they provide excellent service that is of the highest standards.

The most common drains to clog are the kitchen and bathroom drains. This is not surprising since they are also the most used facilities in the house. Yet, there are some practices you can adopt to make sure drains in your home don’t clog often and cause you unnecessary interruptions. For example, when it comes to the kitchen drains, make sure you clear food remains off of your drain before you run water. This will prevent big chunks of food from going down the drains and causing problems in the future.

Regularly cleaning your drainage system also helps your drains stay clear by removing any clogs before they become a problem.

If you ever need any of these services, call us:

  • Main drain cleaning services
  • Kitchen drains cleaning services
  • Bathroom drains cleaning services
  • Toilet drain cleaning services
  • Garage drain cleaning services
  • Outdoor drain cleaning services

That said, if you ever get a clogged drain, do not let it spoil your day. Call us at 514-316-1043 and let our experts deal with the mess. Whatever the time of day or night, do not hesitate to call us. We are always happy to help and we will always provide an excellent service.

Signs of a drain clog

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When it comes to the drainage system, to avoid situations where you wake up in the morning and find your toilet overflowing, be aware of signs of a clogging drain, and stay ahead of trouble. If you notice any of these symptoms, consult a drain cleaning expert:

  • Gurgling noises coming from one of your drains every time water does down the drain, like when you flush the toilet or release water held in a sink.

  • Foul smells coming from drain openings like the kitchen sink. This usually means there is rotten foodstuff in the drainpipe and it is a sure sign of a blockage.

  • The water level in the toilet bowl keeps rising. This shows that wastewater flow is restricted and the drain needs to be cleared. This is one of the signs that should warrant a call to a drain cleaning expert so that you can avert trouble before the situation gets out of hand.

  • Wastewater backing up the basement floor drain or any facilities like showers or bathtubs that are in the basement. This indicates that you have a serious blockage somewhere in the drainage system, most likely in the main drain.

Be alert and call us if you notice any of these signs. The earlier we deal with these problems the less expensive and inconvenient it is for you.

5 Star Drain recommends you clean your drains at least once every year. When you do this, you will save money by avoiding expensive emergency calls, because your drains will rarely, if ever, clog.

One of the most effective ways of drain cleaning during a regular cleaning session is by use of high-pressure cleaning.

High-Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is a method of cleaning that uses water, pressurized to a very high degree. This water is then directed into the drainage using a hose and used to dislodge any stuck materials in the drain that are potential clogs. Since the method uses specially designed nozzles that are meant to cover the width of the pipe, any material in the pipe, big or small, is effectively displaced and driven out of the pipe. The use of water also ensures that the method is non-destructive since water does not corrode pipes. Also, we insert the hose into the drain through already installed drain openings. This enables us to conduct the service without damaging your walls or doing any kind of excavation on your property.

Video camera inspections

Drain camera inspection

Cameras enable us to see inside drainpipes without the need to dig them out of the ground or house walls. Special waterproof cameras, attached to pushrods designed to fit even the smallest drainpipes, are inserted into the drainpipe. As they are pushed deeper into the pipe, they capture and send images to a video display unit. Through this video display unit, the technician conducting the inspection can see the state of the drain.

Any clogs, tree roots infestations or misaligned joints can be seen clearly on the video display unit. This allows us to give you the best solution to a problem since we know the exact cause and location of the problem.

Other than inspecting the drains for clogs that need to be removed, a video camera inspection can be used to produce a report that is useful for insurance purposes. The technician conducting the inspection can prepare a digital file of the inspection which can be used to verify the state of the drainage system.

As well, we also produce other types of reports for various uses, such as:

  • Pre-Purchase inspection reports
  • Insurance inspection reports
  • Insured damage reports

If you ever need your drains inspected, and a report produced, call us and for accurate and reliable reports you can use for whatever purpose.

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5 Star Drain offers drain cleaning services that cover the whole of Lasalle area. We are locally owned and operated and we can respond to your clogged drain emergencies fast, providing you with convenient and quality drain cleaning services when you need them, during the day or the night.

We have been doing this for homeowners in Lasalle for years and they, in turn, have become our loyal customers. Because they know that, when they need us, we are always ready to come to their aid.

Here is what some of them have to say about our services.

Excellent service by 5 Star Drain today replace a sump pump in my basement. Thorough, professional and very informative. Thanks for your quality work and for giving me peace of mind!


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For quick response to your clogged drain emergencies, call us at 514-316-1043. We are available 24/7 and are always ready to serve you. Whether you need regular drain cleaning services or your drain are clogged and it’s an emergency, do not hesitate to call us.

If you prefer, you can also reach us through our online portal and our customer service agents will respond to your queries.