Clogged Toilet Emergency | Unclogging a Toilet

Unclogging a Toilet

We all know our toilets are essential to the comfort of our families. Not only do you want the most water-efficient units installed, but you also want them in perfect working order at all times. Toilets are perhaps one of the most used plumbing fixtures in our homes and offices and can often become clogged. Rather than risk them breaking down, clogging up at inopportune times, or causing hundreds of dollars in damage from overflow, let 5 Star Drain come in and help.

Clogged Toilet Solutions - Reliable Plumbing Services

A clogged toilet can cause significant damages when not attend to in a prompt matter. When you find yourself face-to-face with a clogged toilet, there's no time for debate or discussion. You need to call Montreal 5 Star Drain trained experts to unblock your clogged toilet.

What Causes a Clog Toilet

Clogged toilets can be an emergency situation if not addressed quickly and correctly. When a toilet becomes clogged, it can cause major problems in your home, from flooding to sewage backup. But what causes these clogs in the first place? Knowing the most common sources of toilet blockages can help you prevent future clogs and handle them better when they do occur.

The most common culprit behind a blocked toilet is flushing too much paper down the bowl at one time. Toilet paper is designed to break down easily which means that large amounts should never be flushed together since they won't dissolve properly. Even non-flushable items like cotton swabs, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene products have been known to cause blockages because people assume that their label says “flushable” when it really doesn't mean flushable at all.

Plunge into DIY Blocked Toilet Solutions

Your difficulty will likely resolve itself if you practice a few do-it-yourself fixes. Before carrying out these fixes, be sure to put on protective gear to protect yourself from the mess.

The most common way is to use a plunger. To do this, form an airtight seal over the hole and press down firmly several times. This should help dislodge whatever blockage may be present. If that doesn't work, consider using a wire coat hanger or pipe snake - both can help break up stubborn clogs blocking the pipes.

If these steps *do not resolve the issue with your blocked toilet, it may be necessary to contact us for assistance at 514-316-1043. It is important to note that unblocking a toilet requires specialist knowledge and tools which most homeowners will not possess. A professional plumber** will be able to assess the cause of your blocked toilet and advise on how best to proceed in order to resolve it safely and effectively.

Say Goodbye to Toilet Clogs - 24/7 Drain Cleaning!

Drain cleaning CAA approved Experts Weekend or overnight toilet problems? No problem at all! At 5 Star Drain, we have trained plumbers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure your toilet problems are never placing too much of a burden on your family or your employees and clients.

Whether it's an emergency clogged toilet repair or a clogged drain service, 5 Star Drain is the # 1 drain company in Montreal, Laval and South Shore. Whatever your problem is, we use a wide range of the latest technologies and cutting-edge equipment to repair even the most clogged toilet. Our toilet repair services are available for both commercial and residential clients.

When a plunger won't do the job of a blocked toilet, call your local plumbing company, Montreal 5 Star Drain. Call us to fix your clogged toilet, and you will get our exclusive on-time service guarantee.

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