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If you have a clogged drain in the Sainte-Catherine, South Shore area, and you are in need of 24/7 emergency services, call 5 Star Drain at 514-316-1043. We are known as a locally run business and offer a full range of plumbing and drain cleaning services.

It can happen at any time that one of your drains clog and it can be a real headache. That is why we are available 24/7.

Having served the Sainte-Catherine, South Shore area for years now, we know the drainage system and the common issues that can arises within your home. When you have a drain problem, our experts will locate the clog, examine the blockage, and clear it in no time.

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We are a licensed and insured company that follows industry's set guidelines to insure our plumbing services are in compliance with the code. Our plumbers are certified and knowledgeable professionals who have years of experience solving drain and sewer problems.

For drain and sewer cleaning service call us at 514-316-1043. We are available 24/7 and always ready to serve you.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Sainte-Catherine

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When it comes to drains, the best policy is always to be proactive. Maintaining your drains by cleaning them regularly will eliminate most problems, reducing the chances of the drains clogging.

For simple clogs in your kitchen sink, a plunger will do the trick. Vinegar and baking soda are also considered safe materials to use for a do-it-yourself solution. However, if these do not seem to work, calling an expert drain cleaning plumber is the best solution. Do not rely on strong chemicals that promise to clean your drains in no time. These chemicals will corrode your pipes and lead to expensive repairs.

When you need a drain cleaning service for your residential or commercial property, we have you covered; from the basement drain to the outdoor drain.

Our services include:

  • Floor drains cleaning – Floor drains are designed to keep water out of any low lying areas in your home. They are found mainly in the basement and utility rooms. You should always investigate, if you notice water backing up out of any of these drain outlets, to avoid flooding.

  • Kitchen drains cleaning – The kitchen drains commonly clog from grease and oils along with food particles. The process begins when bits of food and grease get attached to the pipes. Slowly, over time, they accumulate to a sizable size and start slowing down the water flow. If you notice that water is draining too slowly from the sink, have the drain checked, before the drain completely blocks and you are left with an emergency.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning – The bathroom drains will collect water from drainpipes that are connected to the shower, toilet, bathtub, and bathroom sinks. Clogs in these drains are caused by hair, soap residue, mineral deposits, and dental floss. Simple preventative measures can help reduce instances of drain blockage.

  • Toilet drain cleaning – The toilet drain will clog from toilet paper, wipes, paper towels, cotton balls, and other non flushable materials that inevitably get flushed down the drain. An early sign of trouble is water rising above the normal level in the toilet bowl. Since wastewater in the toilet is very unhygienic, call an expert when you notice any signs of a clog and avoid having to deal with an overflown toilet.

  • Outdoor drain cleaning – The outdoor drain collects surface runoff from your driveway and outdoor space. The main causes of clogs in this drain are leaves, dirt, and debris. When the drain clogs, you will see water pooling around the drain opening. If you can, removing the leaves might clear the drain, however, anything more extensive requires the attention of a drain cleaning expert.

For these drains, or any other type of drain system on your residential or commercial property, we do professional high-standard drain cleaning service.

For regular preventative drain cleaning, the most effective non destructive method to use is the high-pressure cleaning. This is because high-pressure cleaning can be used to clean any drain in your home, both inside and outside your house, without destructing any part of your property. The whole process is conducted through drain openings that are already installed.

High-pressure cleaning utilizes water pressurized using a pressure cleaning machine that directs water using a hose with special nozzles attached to the end. The water is sprayed through the pipe thoroughly cleaning it.

For regular drain cleaning as a preventative measure, we recommend high-pressure cleaning.

Video Camera Inspection

Drain camera inspection

Sometimes, you may need to inspect the drainage system in a house. The need may arise from you wanting to buy a house or verify the state of a home’s drainage system. Whatever the reason, we do accurate and reliable drainage system inspections using video camera technology.

A video camera inspection involves inserting a waterproof camera attached to a push rod inside a drainpipe, then running the rod through the length of the pipe. As the camera traverses the drainpipe, it captures images that are sent to a video display unit, where the technician conducting the inspection can observe the process. At the end of it all, you can request a digital file or DVD of the inspection. A report will also be produced on request and depending on the purpose of the inspection.

Insurance and inspection reports

If you need them, various reports can be produced. The most common reason for needing one is for insurance purposes. Towards this, we produce:

  • Pre-Purchase inspection reports
  • Insurance inspection reports
  • Insured damage reports

When you need an inspection report, give us a call.

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5 Star Drain is a locally owned and operated drain and sewer cleaning company. We have been serving the homeowners of Sainte-Catherine, South Shore, with quality and professional cleaning services for years. They, in turn, have remained loyal and appreciative of our services.

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Great service from 5 Star Drain. They were upfront with the cost from the beginning and talked to us about all of our options. We didn't feel forced into anything or like they were taking advantage of us. Followed all COVID requirements and wore a mask, kept a safe distance and did a great job.


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When you are in Sainte-Catherine, South Shore, and you have a clogged drain emergency, call us. We are available 24/7 and you will always be able to reach us at 514-316-1043.

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