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If your drain is in need of cleaning: Call 5 Star Drain, the drain and sewer cleaning experts in South Shore. We guarantee professional, high quality services at affordable rates with no hidden charges.

5 Star Drain has been serving the South Shore community for years as a locally owned company. When you are in need of a sewer cleaning, we make sure to give you the professional, high quality service you deserve.

When you have a clogged sewer emergency, give us a call. Our technicians will respond in the quickest time possible to solve your problem.

Quality Drain Cleaning on the South Shore at Affordable Prices

Looking for reliable drain cleaning service on South Shore that costs reasonably? 5 Star Drain is here to help! Our expert plumbers specialize in sewer and drain cleaning, using high-pressure cleaning technology to ensure your pipes are clear of debris and clogs. Don't wait for emergencies to strike; schedule routine servicing to avoid costly repairs down the line. Join our loyal client base and experience the top-notch service we offer. Call us at 514-316-1043 or get a quote online and see the difference we can make for you.

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Because drains and sewers can clog at any time, we are available 24/7 to service your needs. In most cases, you may have family coming over, need to take a shower in the morning or have only one toilet and with no time to waste dealing with messy situations. That is why we are available 24/7. Ready to spring to your help so you can go on and do other things, not deal with clogged drains.

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If you find yourself with a blocked sewer emergency, do not hesitate to contact us. When you live in the South Shore and have an emergency, at any time of day or night, you can contact us. Whether it's your residential or commercial property, it’s our business to deal with these kinds of emergencies.

Our professionals are certified plumbers with the knowledge and experience required to deal with sewer clogging emergencies. When you call us, they will listen to you and provide solutions that will get rid of any sewer problem you are having.

Drain Cleaning South Shore

When scheduling a drain cleaning service, our technicians will arrive well equipped to deal with any drain blockage problem you might be experiencing. The service we provide will be of a high quality standard and no hidden charges.

Call us at 514-316-1043 if you are having any drain or sewer problems. We are available any time of day and night.

The Best Drain Cleaning services

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One very important thing homeowners should be aware of is that sewer lines should be regularly cleaned. It is recommended at least once a year. When you clean your drains and pipes once a year, you are being proactive. This way, you are making sure that nothing is accumulating inside the pipes. It goes without saying that, if nothing is accumulating in your drains for any prolonged period of time, you will not have any major clogging issues in the near future.

5 Star Drain recommends high pressure cleaning when doing routine sewer servicing. This is because the very nature of high pressure cleaning technology leaves the pipes completely clear of any form of debris, grease, oil or food waste.

High pressure cleaners not only unclog the drains and sewers but also scrub the pipes as the water jets move along the drain. Also, the method does not cause any damage to the sewer pipes, unlike other methods that use corrosive chemicals.

If you don’t do regular sewer cleaning, you should be on the lookout for signs of your sewer getting clogged.

The most common signs are:

  • Fouls smells coming from your sewer pipes.
  • Gurgling noises when water runs down the drain.
  • Rising levels of water in the toilet bowl.
  • Water going down the drain noticeably slower.
  • Sunken ground along the sewer line.
  • Green vegetation or wet ground along the sewer line.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call our plumbing experts who specialize in drain cleaning services. They will provide you with free advice or a solution.

Ignore the signs might lead to some very expensive repairs. Remember to schedule regular services to clean the sewers rather than wait to call the plumber when the situation gets serious. A servicing might take a few hours; a repair might take several and might even involve changing of sewer pipes. Repairs and emergency calls are comparatively more expensive, not to mention time wasting.

If you encounter any of these signs, call 5 Star Drain for an inspection. We will advise you on the best course of action.

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Other Plumbing Drain Cleaning Services

Sewer Cleaning Montreal

Other than sewer and drain cleaning services, we also do:

  • Drain root removal – Tree roots cause very serious problems homeowners face with their sewer systems. Starting as hair thin projections that squeeze through the tiniest of cracks, they can grow to a point where they completely block a sewer. And they are not easy to pin point or remove. If your sewer has a serious backup or recurrent blockage you should consult a sewer plumbing services provider to check it for potential root blockage. They are usually spotted using a camera inspection.
  • Clogged toilet – The early signs are rising water levels in the bowl. If the clog is not removed, it might cause a water overflow, which can damage floors and fixtures in your bathroom.
  • Bath and shower cleaning – If you see water not draining in your bath or shower, do not wait any longer as the blockage can get worst.
  • Clogged sink – We help you return the sinks to their original glory.
  • Garage drain cleaning – Dirty, animal hair, spillage and even liquids from outside the garage sometimes find their way into the garage drainage system, clogging it.
  • Driveway drain cleaning – Probably the easiest drains to clog from leaves, debris, dirt and many other things, since it is outside. If the clog is serious and you cannot unclog by simply scooping up the dirt, know it’s time to call an expert.

Give us a call to schedule a drain cleaning service, or if you have an emergency.

With 5 Star Drain, you can always expect the highest quality of service and the most upfront charges.

Drain Camera inspection

Drain camera inspection

Camera inspections are the most effective way of looking for sewer clogging problems. For starters, a camera inspection is very non-destructive. A specialized waterproof camera is inserted into your drain transmitting a video display where the technician conducting the inspection can see what is inside your drain.

For those clogs that don’t seem to go away, but keep popping up time and again, ask for a camera inspection.

You should also ask for a camera inspection if you are looking to either buy or sell a house, or even when you are renovating one.

It is always good to know the state of your drainage system. You might spot a building problem and avert it before it becomes a disaster.

Call us to schedule a camera inspection.

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Insurance and inspection report

At 5 Star Drain, we also do insurance and inspection reports. These days, most insuring companies require one of the different types of inspection report available. Plus, they are handy to have when filing for claim.

Besides a video inspection report, where the technician records images of inside the sewer, there are other reports such as:

Call us and schedule a camera inspection, our certified experts will offer the highest quality standard reports.

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We cover the South Shore area. If you have an emergency drain cleaning give us a call, we are a locally owned with years of experience dealing with sewers and drains in these areas. We know where the bottlenecks are, the kind of piping common to which area and which tools are best for each kind of situation.

Give us a call and experience the kind of service a company that cares about its’ community delivers. The one thing we guarantee, is the high quality of our services.

Over the years we have acquired a loyal client base. They have been using our services, and here is what they have to say:

Our kitchen sink backed up and one of our sinks was leaking. 5 Star Drain was fantastic and very helpful at resolving the problem in the kitchen and set us up for success in the future with tips on how to maintain the pipes.


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If you are in the South Shore, Montreal, Laval or Montreal West Island area, and you have an emergency, do not hesitate to call us at 514-316-1043 any time of day or night. Whatever the problem, we got you covered.