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For drain cleaning services call 5 Star Drain at 514-316-1043. We respond to emergencies fast and provide effective solutions to unblock drains. Our goal is to eliminate inconveniences caused by clogged drains.

As a licensed and insured drain and sewer cleaning company, we make sure our drain cleaning specialists are certified and properly trained to handle any clogged drains. Always trust a drain cleaning expert to handle your drain problems because improperly handling a drain machine can be dangerous. Don’t put yourself at risk; let the experts handle your mess.

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Over time, food particles, grease, oil, hair, and other un-flushable materials will accumulate in the drain pipes. It usually starts with soap scum attaching to the inside surface of your drain pipe. This, in turn, traps other materials like hair and grease. Slowly but surely, more and more materials gets trapped, forming a bigger and bigger clog. At some point, you will start noticing symptoms, depending on the size and location. The main drain will cause the most devastating effect on your drainage system when it clogs.

Signs that a drain is clogged

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  • Gurgling noises coming from your drain openings, e.g. the kitchen sink or bathtub. You will hear the gurgling sound when you unplug the drain cap or after your dishwasher draining cycle. It means there is air trapped in the drain pipe and it is an indication of a clog.

  • Water backing up your kitchen sink, floor drain, toilet, or bathtub. This is a clear indication that the drain is clogged. The water backing up out of a drain means it has nowhere else to go. The drain is completely blocked. If this is happening in multiple places, you should have the main drain checked for a clog.

  • Water in the toilet bowl rising. When you flush the toilet and water starts to fill the toilet bowl instead of draining, your toilet drain is blocked. Sometimes using a plunger will resolve the problem, if not, consider calling a drain cleaning expert.

  • Foul smell coming from your drain pipe. This indicates there is food particles stuck in the drain, which means there is a clog forming in the drain. Ask for drain cleaning services to prevent a full-blown blockage.

When you notice any of these signs, it is time to call us for a drain cleaning service. You can attempt some DIY remedies but be careful. Blocked drains are a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you have a drain clog emergency, do not hesitate to call us. We are available 24/7 and you can always reach us at 514-316-1043.

Drain cleaning services

Indoor plumbing brings with it comfort and convenience. However, it also brings with it the responsibility to maintain the system, as we should, because failing to do so can create big unhygienic problems.

The best maintenance is preventative. That means making sure the drainage system is operating efficiently and thereby preventing messy emergencies. To do so, clean your drains once a year. This will prevent big clogs from forming.

At 5 Star Drain, we provide drain cleaning services that include:

  • Main Drain cleaning service – The main drain is like a tree trunk that carries water from the other branches - think drain pipes, in your home. When clogged, it affects all of them. Water backing up out of multiple drains in the house is a sure indication you have a clogged main drain.

  • Kitchen drains cleaning service – The kitchen drains is exposed to all manner of waste originating from food preparation and consumption. Dirt from washing raw vegetables, oil, grease from cleaning plates and food remains all find their way down these drain. Over time, these materials stick to the drainpipe walls and form clogs. If plunging the drain or pouring hot water in it does not help, call us for a professional cleaning service.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning service – Utilities in the bathroom like the sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet all introduce different materials to the bathroom drains. Dental floss, toilet paper, sanitary wipes to and hair are casues to a bathroom drain pipe potentially cause clogs. Clean your bathroom drain regularly to avoid the middle of the night bathroom clogging emergencies.

  • Floor drain cleaning service – The basement is the lowest level in your house. Consequently, any water leaking in your home will find its way down there. The floor drain is meant to drain all this water off your property before it causes any damage. Making sure this drain stays clear is very important; you don’t want your foundation to get damaged.

  • Outdoor drain cleaning service – The outdoor drain is responsible for collecting storm water running off your outdoor space. This water carries with it dead leaves, dirt, and other none flushable materials as it flows to the drain opening. These collected materials are the main cause of outdoor drain clogs. Sometimes, you will be able to physically remove these materials from the drain, especially if it is leaves and they are stuck near the drain opening. If you cannot unclog the drain yourself, call us, and have our professionals do the job for you.

Whatever type of drains are in your commercial or residential property, you can rely on us to provide professional, high-quality drain cleaning services.

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