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For many years now, we have been helping solve all drain cleaning problems of the business and homeowners of Chomedey, Laval. Our experts are highly knowledgeable and possess the experience to resolve any drain clogging issues you may be experiencing.

Whether you have an emergency, or you want to avoid trouble by doing a routine drain cleaning service, we are the people to call. We respond to your needs fast, our services are customer-oriented and our prices are upfront.

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Sewers and drains can clog at any time. Grease, oil, soap residue, and food accumulating in the drain pipes over time is what causes blockages. We always recommended to our clients to take action before the problem gets worse. Listen to the signs before a small issue becomes a big one.

At 5 Star Drain, we provide different kinds of services, including:

  • Main drain cleaning - A main drain line starts from your home and connects to the city sewer. This drain line is underground and collects drainage water that evacuates your home to the city sewers. When blocked, it affects all other drain outlets in the house. The most common signs of a main drain blocked is water backing up out of a drain in the basement, or a gurgling sound starts coming from the drains.

  • Kitchen drains cleaning - Caused by food, fat, and soap residue, a kitchen drain will show early signs of blockage. The most telling is water draining too slowly when released. To avoid an emergency, recognize the early signs when you notice them.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning - The culprits here are usually soap residues, toilet paper, and hairballs. Sewer backing up or water draining too slowly are early signs.

  • Drain root removal - Tree roots can and usually do find their way inside drain pipes. With time, they get to a point where they completely clog the drain. Call us for a drain inspection to see if you have roots in your drain.

  • Garage drains cleaning – If you park your car in the garage during the winter, the snow that melts off your car has lots of dirt that ends up in your garage sewer. This dirt if not cleaned every year will cause drain blockages.

  • Driveway drains cleaning - Debris and leaves, as well as runoff dirt, are some of the causes. The result could be pooling water around the drain which might cause bigger damages as water will enter your home. Call us to unclog the drain.

Signs to look out for to avoid a drain clogging emergency

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To avoid emergencies, be on the lookout for signs that your drainage system is blocking. The main things to notice include:

  • Gurgling noises coming from your kitchen drain or bathroom drain.

  • The sink or bathtub is draining excruciatingly slow.

  • Water in the toilet bowl keeps rising.

  • Sewer backing up your drain. You notice water backing up from a drain.

Should you ever notice any of these signs, it is time to start thinking of a drain cleaning service. Be proactive, don't wait until the pipe is clogged and you have to ask for a repair to be done. You can call us to get a free estimate over the phone.

Drain Camera Inspection

Drain camera inspection

Drain camera inspections are used when you want to determine the nature of a problem. Sometimes, the cause of a drain clogging might not be very apparent. This is the time when a drain inspection might become necessary. It saves you from doing any excavation.

An indication that an inspection is necessary is if a drain has been cleaned but the problem comes back again. This could indicate that the problem is not where the symptom is. It is then necessary to use a camera to see the exact cause and location of the problem so that the exact solution can be determined.

Drain inspection reports

5 Star Drain also writes drain inspections reports.

With some investments, it is better to be careful. An example of this is when you are buying a house. Rather than make a costly investment, then realize later that the drainage system of the property is in very bad shape, ask for a camera inspection before you commit.

You should also do so when selling a house or looking to insure your property.

There are various types of reports available, namely:

  • Pre-Purchase inspections
  • Insurance inspection report
  • Home purchasing drain report.

If you are looking to buy or sell a house, or in the process of insuring your home, give us a call and have your drainage system inspected.

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5 Star Drain is very professional, very competent, very clean, and very easy to talk to. Great service and work, I have used their services several times, always completely satisfied.


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