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When you have a clogged drain and you need fast and efficient services, call 514-316-1043. We are 5 Star Drain and we provide quality drain cleaning services 24/7.

We provide excellent drain and sewer cleaning services in Hochelaga, Montreal, and our experts are certified. They have the practical field experience , enabling them to resolve your drain cleaning needs both quickly and efficiently.

Drains are essential in the proper functioning of a home. Their role is to eliminate excess and used water from your house. As a result, they should be kept in good working condition. In order to ensure this, they must be cleaned regularly and unclogged as soon as signs of a clog are detected. By properly maintaining drains, you will avoid expensive services such as excavating your property to change a drainpipe.

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For preventive services, scheduling a cleaning session yearly will keep your drains operating smoothly.

For unclogging services, knowledge is required to detect the signs of a clogged drain.

4 signs of a clogged drain

  • Gurgling noises heard while water goes down the drain
  • A sink or tub filled with water, draining slower than usual after being released
  • The water level in a toilet bowl rising above the normal level
  • Wastewater backing up out of the floor drain or bathroom utilities in the basement

These are indications of a clog in a drainpipe. If you notice any of these signs, call a drain cleaning expert.

If you are located in Hochelaga, Montreal and you have a clogged drain emergency, or you need regular drain cleaning services, feel free to contact us at 514-316-1043. We are available 24/7 to better serve you.

Drain cleaning services

Sewer Cleaning Montreal

We offer drain cleaning services that cover all parts of the drainage system in your house. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Main drain cleaning services – The main drain runs from the house and extends to the city sewer line. It is an important drainpipe in a property's drainage system. Its main job is to collect wastewater from the other drains and carry it to the city sewer. It can get blocked for a variety of factors such as tree roots. Tree roots can get into the drainpipe through tiny cracks. When it blocks, signs of the blockage are usually first noticed in the basement. We clean main drains usually using a rooter. However, if the clog is especially stubborn, we use high-pressure cleaning.

  • Floor drain cleaning services – Floor drains are found mostly in basements. They are meant to keep excess water and liquids off the floor. When a floor drainpipe clogs, you will notice water backing up out of their openings. To avoid water damage, call a drain cleaning expert to clear the drain.

  • Kitchen drain cleaning services – The kitchen drain is responsible for eliminating water dispensed through the kitchen sink. The drain may become clogged by an accumulation of soap scum, mineral deposits, debris, and food remains that go down the drain. When you notice water draining unusually slow from the kitchen sink, have the drain inspected for a clog.

  • Toilet drain cleaning services – Toilet drains become clogged from items such as paper towels, baby wipes, excess toilet paper, and other un-flushable items that get flushed down the toilet. A clog in the toilet will cause water to start rising in the toilet bowl. It is best to call an expert when this occurs.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning services – Hair and thin substances such as dental floss are the main causes of clogs in bathroom drains. These substances find their way into the drains though the bathroom sink, shower, and bathtub. If you notice any signs of a blockage in your bathroom, call us immediately for assistance.

If you are experiencing issues with one of your drains, an expert is needed and that is what we are; drain and sewer cleaning experts! If your drain needs to be inspected, contact us to have an expert examine the drain.

Drain camera inspections

Drain camera inspection

Drain cameras are an effective way of determining what is inside the drain. Its uses are many:

  • To identify if the pipes are properly aligned
  • To find cracks in the pipes through which tree roots may be entering
  • To locate where a minor drainpipe joins the main drain
  • To pinpoint the location of a clog or to verify the state of a drain

When doing the inspection, special waterproof cameras are inserted into the drain through already installed drain openings. A push rod is then used to drive the camera through the length of the pipe and as images are captured, they are sent to a video display unit and our plumber will then be able to see inside the drainpipe. The whole inspection is recorded and a digital file or DVD of the recording can be made available to you upon request.

Drain camera inspections are a non-destructive way of inspecting a drain, and the cameras are small enough to fit into any drainpipe in your home.

A major reason for conducting camera inspections is for insurance purposes. We provide three kinds of reports:

  • Pre-purchase inspection reports
  • Insurance inspection reports
  • Insured damage inspection reports

If you ever need an inspection report that is accurate and reliable, contact us. Our experts excel in this.

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If you ever have a clogged drain emergency, and you need quick and reliable drain cleaning services, the number to call is 514-316-1043. We are available 24/7 and are always ready and happy to be of service to you.

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