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If you need drain cleaning services or you have a clogged drain emergency, call 5 Star Drain at 514-316-1043. We operate in Longueuil, South Shore, and we are available 24/7. When drain clogs interrupt your day, call 5 Star Drain.

Water backing up the bathtub or out of the floor drains is not something anybody plans for. And it happens because you fail to clean your drains regularly. Picture this, you find dirty water in your bathtub just as you are about to prepare a bath.

Situations like this happen often, especially if you don’t regularly clean your drains. Do not worry though, whatever the time of day or night, you can call us and we will dispatch a drain cleaning professional who will locate the cause and unblock the clog.

If you are in Longueuil, South Shore, and you are experiencing drain clog problems, call us now at 514-316-1043. We are always ready to respond to any emergencies and are happy to be of help.

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How to Prevent Drain Clogs

The best solution, when it comes to keeping your drains free of clogs, is to do regular cleaning services. We at 5 Star Drain recommend cleaning the drains once a year. Since clogs develop slowly over time, regularly cleaning them will ensure they do not get to be extensive enough to cause you problems.

The best cleaning methods, when it comes to regular cleaning services are either, with a rooter or with a high-pressure cleaning machine.

High-pressure cleaning uses water, jetted at very high pressure. A specially designed nozzle is attached to a hose and inserted into the drainpipe. As pressurized water bursts out of the nozzle, it knocks out any materials that are stuck to the surface of the pipes, leaving the pipes scrubbed clean.

Tree Root Removal Services.

Tree roots get into pipes through the tiniest cracks and spaces in joints. Finding favorable conditions in the drainpipes, they grow and multiply to a point where they completely block the drains. The most affected pipe by tree roots is the main drain because it extends outside your house to the city sewer line.

If multiple facilities in the house are showing signs of a drain clog, the main drain is the most likely place to find the clog. Call us and have our experts inspect the pipe for tree roots.

Signs of a drain clog.

When a drain is clogging, it shows several signs. The most common signs are:

  • Gurgling noises whenever water is going down the drain, e.g. when you flush the toilet.
  • Water backing up and out of the drain openings.
  • The water in your toilet bowl rising.
  • Foul smells coming from the drain.

Any or a combination of these symptoms should alert you to a possible drain clog. Call us and our professionals will schedule an appointment to unblock your drains.

Video Camera Inspection

Drain camera inspection

When doing an investigation of your drain system, our drain and sewer cleaning experts make use of video camera technology. Special waterproof cameras, attached to a push rod, are inserted inside the drainpipe and driven through the pipe. As the camera traverses the drainpipe, it records images and sends them to a video display unit. The video display unit is where the technician conducting the inspection sees the state of the drain.

The main reason to ask for a camera inspection is when you want to know the state of a drain pipe. Maybe because you want to buy a house and you want to make sure the drainage system is in good condition. An insurance company may also require you to give them a report of the state of a house drainage system before they insure it. If this is the case, you can trust us to provide you with an accurate and reliable inspection report.

Insurance and inspection Report

Other than video inspection reports, we also produce:

  • Pre-Purchase inspection reports
  • Insurance Inspection reports
  • Insured damage inspection reports

So, if you ever need a reliable and accurate inspection report, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services.

Sewer Cleaning Montreal

Other than the main drain cleaning service, which acts as the main conduit of wastewater collected from the other drains in the house, we also do:

  • Bathroom drains cleaning– The bathroom drains collect water and waste from the toilet, bathtub, bathroom sink, and shower. They are the most challenging drainpipes to keep clean because they collects such a diverse list of clogging material, such as baby wipes, dental floss, toilet paper, Q-tips, cotton balls, small toys, hair, and soap scum. Regular cleaning will keep these drain clean and save you from clogged drain emergencies, which can be expensive.

  • Kitchen drains cleaning – The kitchen drains will clog mostly from grease, soap residue, and food particles. They clogs from the slow accumulation of these materials in the drainpipes. When you notice water draining too slow after using the sink, know a substantial clog has already developed in this drainpipe.

  • Garage drain cleaning– The garage drain clogs from dirt brought in by the car, especially during winter seasons. Your car, driving through the snow, collects snow which attaches to the tires. The snow is usually mixed with dirt. When the snow melts, all this dirt flows to the drainpipe and it is the major cause of garage drain clogs.

  • Floor drains cleaning – Floor drains are found in the basement and utility room. However, if your house has an earlier design, you might find a floor drain in the bathroom. They are meant to drain water from the floor’s surface. When a drain is blocked you will notice water backing up out of the drain opening.

For these and any other type of drain cleaning need, call us and let our experts provide you with professional, high-quality services.

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We are a locally owned and operated drain and sewer cleaning company. Our plumbers are certified and have years of experience serving homeowners in Longueuil, South Shore. If you are in the area, and you have a drain cleaning need, never hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to serve you and remove any inconvenience a blocked drain might be causing you.

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