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For excellent drain cleaning services 24/7 in Kirkland, Montreal, call 5 Star Drain at 514-316-1043. When you have a clogged drain emergency, and you want reliable experts, we are the people to call.

Drains provide convenience and comfort in our homes, they allow us to have easy access to our necessary cleaning utilities. We can take a shower, wash dishes and do the laundry, without thinking about the mechanics behind it. Until, suddenly, one of the drainpipes gets a clog and we are faced with an unexpected problem.

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That is where we come in as professional drain cleaning experts. Whether at day or at night, when you are faced with a clogged drain emergency, you can always call us. Our experts are certified and knowledgeable from years of practical experience. They will inspect your drain using drain cameras to locate the problem. They will then unclog it using modern rooter equipment and quickly resolve any issues you have. Our experts will solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

To get a free quote, contact us to speak with one of our in-house experts. Our services do not include any hidden charges.

If you are in Kirkland, Montreal, and one of your drain is clogged, do not hesitate to contact us at 514-316-1043.We are available 24/7 to better assist you.

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5 Star Drain provides services that range from high-pressure drain cleaning and unclogging drains. We also provide preventative cleaning services, and drain camera inspections to locate more complex problems.

To avoid drain problems, the best practice is to clean them regularly. The recommended frequency is at least once a year. This will ensure they remain clear. This is an inexpensive practice, as well as a form of insurance against unforeseen issues. If this is what you need, ask us for high-pressure cleaning.

High-pressure cleaning is a method of cleaning drainpipes that uses water. During a high-pressure cleaning session, water is drawn from a source and passed through a pressure washer. The pressure washer pressurizes the water and ejects it through a specialized hose. This hose, whose end is attached to a nozzle, is then inserted into a drainpipe through a drain opening. It then runs through the length of the drainpipe. This process dislodges any materials trapped in the drainpipe while scrubbing the drainpipe clean. Since this method uses water, which is not corrosive, it is completely safe for the drainpipe.

Other than high-pressure cleaning, we also employ other unclogging methods depending on the nature or location of the problem.

Our services are categorized according to the different types of drainpipes found in a residential or commercial property. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Main drain cleaning services – The main pipe goes from the house to the city sewer line. Its job is to carry the wastewater from all the other drainpipes, and release it away from your home. It can get clogged by tree roots and by the accumulation of materials collected from the other pipes.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning services – The bathroom drains connect to go from the vertical stack to the main drain. Their job is to carry all the water used by the utilities in the bathroom. These include the shower, bathtub, and sink. It gets clogged from substances such as hair, dental floss, soap scum, and an accumulation of mineral deposits.

  • Toilet drain cleaning service – The toilet drain go from the toilet to the main drain. Its job is to carry wastewater from the toilet. It gets clogged from excess toilet paper, paper towels, baby wipes, and other sanitary products.

  • Kitchen drain cleaning service – The kitchen drains can get clogged from a accumulation of debris, mineral deposits, and food remains. Unblocking a kitchen drain can be more challenging, depending on where the blockage is located. In certain cases, the kitchen drains will block at the 90 degree elbow on a drain located in your basement.

  • Garage drain cleaning services – The garage drain serves to drain water and other fluids from the garage floor. It clogs mainly from dirt brought in by the car, which is especially common during winter.

  • Outdoor drain cleaning services – The outdoor drain collects and disposes of water from your outdoor grounds. It will clog mainly because of leaves and other vegetation carried in by surface runoff. Dirt and debris also clog this drain.

These are the main components of a drainage system that are likely to clog. However, depending on how your house is built, it is possible to find other drain sections. Nevertheless, if you have a clogged drain, you can rely on our experts for excellent cleaning services.

Drain camera inspection services

Drain camera inspection

5 Star Drain also provides video camera inspections. These services are important when a homeowner is looking to insure or buy a home. The main reason to ask for these services is to verify the state of the drainpipes. For example, to know their age, whether they are aligned correctly, or to check for damages. This is especially needed when making an insurance claim.

For these reasons, when a camera inspection is done, we can provide you with a digital recording of the inspection in DVD form or any other digital format.

There are different types of inspection reports we provide. The main ones we produce are:

  • Pre-Purchase inspection reports
  • Insurance inspection reports
  • Insured damage inspection reports

For reliable and accurate inspections and reports, contact 5 Star Drain.

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5 Star Drain is a locally owned and operated drain and sewer cleaning company. We are fully licensed and insured. We follow the industry’s best practices and standards. This is to ensure we attract the best drain cleaning experts, providing excellent and professional services. For years, we have been known as the number one drain cleaning experts in Kirkland, Montreal. This has earned us both the trust and loyalty from homeowners in the area. Whenever they need drain cleaning services, we are the people they call.

Here is what they have to say about our services.

Investigation of floor drain back up. Service was prompt, thorough, courteous and professional. We will definitely use 5 Star Drain for any future plumbing need.


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If you are in Kirkland, Montreal, and you have a clogged drain emergency, call us at 514-316-1043. We are available 24/7 andare always happy to be of service. Alternatively, you can reach us online and chat with our customer service representative.