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5 Star Drain is a locally owned and operated drain and sewer cleaning company. Our experts are certified and they have years of experience unclogging drains in Saint-Constant. This gives them the edge they need when facing a clogged drain; when they see the signs, they can find the root cause quickly.

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In your home, the best policy to adopt, when it comes to drain clogs, is to be proactive. Do regular drain cleaning services; at least once a year is the recommended frequency. When you do this, you will ensure your drains stay clean and clog-free. This is because any potential clog forming material is washed out before it causes trouble.

There are several ways of knowing when a drain is developing a clog. The most obvious and easily recognized symptoms include:

  • Gurgling noises coming from the drainpipe whenever you flush the toilet or release water held in a tub or sink. This indicates the presence of trapped air, which can only occur if there is material stuck in the drain pipe.

  • The sink and bathtub are draining very slowly. When a drain is running slowly this mean you have a partial clog. If the water stops draining, it means the clog is completely restricting the pipe and you need drain cleaning services.

  • Wastewater backing-up your floor drain or basement shower drain. If the backups are in the basement utilities in the house, it could indicate a problem with the main drain. If drain water cannot evacuate your home due to the main drain being blocked, the first sign will be water backing up in your basement. Call an expert for an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

  • Water in the toilet bowl keeps rising. By design, when you flush the toilet, water returns to a certain level. It never rises above and when it does, you should be alerted. The higher the water rises, the more immediate the problem is. Do not hesitate to call us when you notice this, because sooner rather than later, your toilet will overflow.

One or a combination of these signs should warrant further investigation.

You can call us and talk to our experts. Our services are customer-focused; when you call us, our priority will be to understand your problem, then offer you the best drain cleaning services applicable.

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Services focused on cleaning and unclogging drains and sewers

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To avoid emergency clogged drains situations that seem to come from nowhere. Clean your drainage system regularly; once a year at the very least. When you schedule a drain cleaning service, ask for high-pressure cleaning.

High-pressure cleaning is a method of cleaning your drainpipes using pressurized water. The water is fetched from the main water supply, pressurized as it goes through a pressure washer, then hosed and jetted out through tiny holes on a specially designed nozzle. The force this water carries is capable of dislodging even the most stubborn of clogging material. The drain is scrubbed clean. Since most clogs form slowly, this buys you a year of worry-free usage of your utilities.

Another drain cleaning service offered by 5 Star Drain is tree roots removal. Tree roots affect the main drain mostly. This is because the main drain runs through your property to the city sewer system, where your right to service a drain ends. The tree roots will get inside your drain through the tiniest cracks and spaces on the drainpipe. Finding nutrition inside the drain, they will grow and accumulate, completely blocking the pipe.

The main drain’s purpose is to carry water drained from all the other drainpipes in your home to the city sewers. When it clogs, multiple utilizies will be affected. You will start seeing unusual behavior with your kitchen sink drain, your bathtub and toilet. Do not wait for the situation to get any worse. Call us for an inspection. Our experts will be able to identify the real cause of the problem and rectify the situation before it gets worse and causes damages.

We provide drain cleaning services that cover:

  • main drain cleaning services – Carrying wastewater from all other drains in the house, the main drain should always be kept clear. It is important to have the main drain checked if you see any signs that it might be blocked. The clearest indication is if multiple drains in the house are affected, e.g. when water is backing-up your floor drain as well as your bathroom drain.

  • Kitchen drains cleaning services – The kitchen drain are exposed to grease, oils, soap scum, and food waste. If your drains are not cleaned regularly, these materials will stick to the drainpipe and accumulate slowly over time. This is the main way in which kitchen drains clog. If using a plunger is not helping with a clogged sink, it’s time for a cleaning service.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning services – The bathtub, bathroom sink, shower, and toilet all have mini drainage systems that connect to the bathroom drain. This drain then carries the wastewater to the main drain. From all the different utilities it serves, it is exposed to a diverse list of clogging material. Toilet paper, dental floss, Q-tips, cotton balls, hair, toothpaste, mineral deposits, and soap residue all contribute to materials we have to keep out of the bathroom drain.

  • Floor drain cleaning services - The floor drain is meant to keep water from flooding your house. It collects water from the basement and the utility room, usually the lowest level of floor in the house.

  • Outdoor drain cleaning services – The outdoor drain is meant to collect water that is running on outdoor space and conduct it to the main drain. The main causes of a drain clog, when it comes to this drain, are tree leaves, dirt and other debris collected as water flows to the drain. Its main sign for blockage is water backing up the drain, indicating restricted flow.

If any part of your home’s drainage system needs cleaning services, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our response is fast because we understand that the longer the drain stays clogged the greater its chance of causing damages.

Video camera inspection service.

Drain camera inspection

5 Star Drain provides video camera inspection services. We employ the camera technology to enable us to see what is happening inside your drain pipes. Using waterproof cameras, we can get inside any drain in your property and inspect it for clogs, cracks, and misaligned joints. Upon request, we shall also give you a digital file or DVD of the inspection session.

Other than camera inspections, we also do:

Insurance and inspection reports.

When you are insuring your home, the insurance company may demand an insurance report. If this is your case, you can rely on us to provide you with reliable reports. The three main inspection reports relating to drains and sewers are;

  • Pre-Purchase inspection report
  • Insurance inspection report
  • Insured damage report

Should you ever need your commercial or residential property inspected, give us a call.

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