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Every home will eventually have a blocked drain at some point in time. Food particles or dirt, at some point, may cause blockages in a drainpipe and slow the drain, over time. To avoid clogs from happening, you should consider cleaning your drains yearly.

Some clogs are not very serious and using a plunger will dislodge whatever is stuck. However, sometimes the clog is stubborn and will not go away, no matter which home remedy you try. This is when you should rely on the services of a professional drain cleaning expert. Using the right equipment, our drain cleaning experts will clear any clog in your drainage system, no matter how stubborn it is.

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To avoid clogged drains emergencies, we recommend that you schedule drain cleaning services at least once a year. This will clear any clogs forming in the drainpipes and save you the expense and trouble of having to call a drain cleaner at the most inconvenient of times, like on a holiday. Ask for high-pressure cleaning or consult with our expert cleaners to come up with the most appropriate drain cleaning method for your specific needs.

That said, 5 Star Drain is available, 24/7. including holidays, and we are always ready to clean your drains to relieve you of the inconvenience.

If you ever need drain cleaning services when in Côte-Saint-Luc, Montreal, call us at 514-316-1043.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

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5 Star Drain provides drain cleaning services that cover all the parts of your drainage system.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Tree roots removal services – This involves the removal of tree roots that usually infest the main drain. The roots gain access into the drainpipe through tiny cracks in the pipe, and once in, they will continue to grow and block the drain. They can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of completely, and you need to have the right tools to ensure they are eliminated.

  • Main drain cleaning services – Other than tree roots, the main drain will clog from materials brought from the other drainpipes in the house. As the main conduit that is connected to all drainpipes in your home, it causes the biggest disruption when clogged. If utilities, as well as the floor drain, in your basement are showing signs of a clog, the main drain should also be checked for clogs.

  • Kitchen drains cleaning services – Cleaning the kitchen drains usually involves removing food particles that form clogs within the drain. Using a plunger and pouring hot water down this drain is sometimes enough to unstick these materials and unblock the drain. However, if the clog is too big, you will need an expert to unblock it.

  • Bathroom drains cleaning services – The most common materials that form clogs in these drains include dental floss, wipes and hair. When the bathtub and sink drain too slowly, you should have the drains checked for clogs before the situation becomes dire.

  • Toilet drains cleaning services – The toilet drains usually clog from un-flushable materials that people inevitably flush down the toilet. These materials are mostly baby wipes, paper towels, and other sanitary products. When the water level in the toilet bowl starts rising above normal levels, call a drain cleaning expert to check the drain and avoid more serious trouble.

  • Floor drains cleaning services – Cleaning the floor drains involves dislodging stuck dirt and debris which accumulate and eventually cause clogs in this drainpipe. However, since these drains are usually found in the basement, when one of these drains shows signs of a clog it could also mean that there is a problem with the main drain. A drain cleaning expert should examine the pipe to find the root of the problem.

  • Garage drains cleaning services – The garage drain are meant to keep water from flooding your garage. These drain will clog from the slow accumulation of dirt brought in by the car. Cleaning them involves dislodging this dirt.

  • Outdoor drain cleaning services – Meant to drain surface runoff, this drain will clog from leaves and dirt carried in it by water. If you notice water pooling around the drain opening and if removing the leaves from the drain opening does not solve the problem, call us.

If you ever need any of these services, or if a drain is acting up and you are not sure what the problem is, give us a call and have our experts inspect the drain for you.

Other than unclogging drains or cleaning them as a preventative measure, we also do:

Drain camera inspection services

Drain camera inspection

A video camera inspection can be used to locate the source of a clog in a drain. It can also be used to locate where the drainpipes cut across your property, which can be useful when you are doing renovations or home improvements.

A camera inspection is also useful when you are buying a property. A camera inspection will help you verify the state of the drainage system before you commit to the sale. This can potentially save you a lot of money.

When a drain inspection is conducted, a recording of the inspection will be provided to you in the form of a digital recording or a DVD. This can also be useful when insuring your property.

5 Star Drain will also produce any of these reports when you need them:

  • Pre-Purchase inspection reports
  • Insurance inspection reports
  • Insured damage reports

For accurate and reliable inspection reports, call us.

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5 Star Drain is a locally owned and operated drain and sewer cleaning company. Our plumbers are certified and have lots of experience cleaning drains in Côte-Saint-Luc, West Island. Therefore, homeowners int the area trust our services and remain loyal to us. We, in turn, continue to provide excellent services and we appreciate them very much.

Here is what some of them have to say about our services.

Our kitchen sink backed up and one of our sinks was leaking. 5 Star Drain was fantastic and very helpful at resolving the problem in the kitchen and set us up for success in the future with tips on how to maintain the pipes.


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